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Please click the thumbnail to view full size.  All models are built to 1:96 scale (1/8" = 1ft) unless otherwise stated.

Some photos of the finished projects are inserted below to demonstrate our attention to detail.


Summer Bay Resort, Building 601. Clermont, Florida. 1/4" = 1' (1:48)



Grand Panama Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, Florida. 1/16th" = 1 ft.  (Models and actual bldg)

Breland 049.jpg (65266 bytes)  Breland 077.jpg (80920 bytes)                        


Grand Adventures Water Park at Panama Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, Florida. 1/16th" = 1 ft. (2011 Revision to model above)  



The Village of Imagine, Orlando, FL for Playground Group, Orlando. 1/16th" = 1 ft.

 Imagine Cropped.jpg (231874 bytes)  Imagine 010.jpg (80771 bytes)  Imagine 011.jpg (73347 bytes)  Imagine 012.jpg (66190 bytes)  Imagine 009.jpg (71518 bytes) 


Baytowne Wharf Building 'D' for Playground Group, Destin, FL.  @ 1/4" = 1ft

BTW Outside 018.jpg (38913 bytes)  BTW Outside 019.jpg (41101 bytes)  BTW Outside 037.jpg (21065 bytes)  BTW Outside 025.jpg (80064 bytes)  

BTW Outside 017.jpg (71074 bytes)  BTW Outside 035.jpg (43462 bytes)  BTW Outside 043.jpg (78163 bytes)  BTW  012.jpg (65779 bytes)


'Luau', Condominium project, Destin, Florida, for Intrawest  (Model and actual bldg under construction.)

Tiv5.jpg (54974 bytes)  Tiv8.jpg (60002 bytes)  Tiv37.jpg (62307 bytes)        

Tiv27.jpg (32627 bytes)  Tiv34.jpg (71620 bytes)  Tiv36.jpg (149043 bytes)     


The Preserve at Windward, Hoyt Architecture.

PAW-Maingate-3-WEB.jpg (73668 bytes)  PAW Maingate WEB.jpg (116989 bytes)  PAW rear balconies WEB.jpg (83258 bytes)  PAW-Lagoon-2-WEB.jpg (183001 bytes)  PAW-From-golfcourse-WEB.jpg (101891 bytes)


12 foot tall 'Hangtime' exhibit at Orlando Science Center and 

12 inches tall desktop display model (welded steel and aluminum)

HangtimeOSC.jpg (34481 bytes)    HangtimeMODEL.jpg (52925 bytes)    HangtimeMODEL2.jpg (51678 bytes)