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Please click the thumbnail to view full size.  All models are built to 1:96 scale (1/8" = 1ft) unless otherwise stated


Church of the Redeemer Episcopal, Sarasota FL. for Apex Studios. Chapel Interior   1:48  (1/4" = 1ft)


COTR Episcopal, Sarasota FL. for Apex Studios.



Advent Lutheran Church, Melbourne, FL.  for Holeman Suman Architects


Temple Terrace, Tampa, FL.   Rojo Architecture


Advent Lutheran Church, Suntree, FL.   For HSA.


Palm Tower.


 One Accord, Church of God in Christ, Atlanta, Georgia, for ROJO Architecture.

OA12.jpg (90128 bytes)   OA8.jpg (80334 bytes)   OA7.jpg (99180 bytes)   OA5.jpg (104596 bytes)

New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Sanford FL. 

NewMtCAL6.jpg (41304 bytes)  NewMtCAL7.jpg (36813 bytes)  NewMtCAL3.jpg (42802 bytes)

Marco Island Presbyterian Church

MIB7.jpg (40947 bytes)   MIB9.jpg (41152 bytes)     

Emmaus Lutheran Church for Coogan Church Builders.

Emmaus 041.jpg (673159 bytes)   Emmaus 029.jpg (505635 bytes)  Emmaus 044.jpg (690874 bytes)

Willow Drive Baptist Church, Lake Jackson, Texas

WD07.jpg (58990 bytes)   WD09.jpg (47204 bytes)   WD06.jpg (48658 bytes) 

Segunda Iglesia Bautista, Rosenberg, Texas, for Century Builders.

SIBS2.jpg (55415 bytes)   SIBS4.jpg (50573 bytes)   SIBS6.jpg (48819 bytes)

Heartland Community Church, hwy 192, St. Cloud, FL.

HRT14.jpg (84022 bytes)   HRT2.jpg (86082 bytes)

Word of Faith Family Worship Center, East Point, Georgia. 

WOFS1.jpg (55869 bytes)   WOFS8.jpg (44686 bytes)   WOFS9.jpg (49470 bytes)

Gray Gables Baptist Church, Callahan, Florida.

GG12.jpg (38130 bytes)   GG11.jpg (39607 bytes)   GG14.jpg (32319 bytes)   GG18.jpg (41371 bytes)

Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, Texas.

SRM02.jpg (41792 bytes)   SRM04.jpg (49903 bytes)   SRM06.jpg (38170 bytes)

New Light Progressive Church of God in Christ, Brazoria, Texas

NLP10.JPG (232605 bytes)   NLP5.JPG (199976 bytes)   NLP13.JPG (209429 bytes)    

Mt Olive Church of God

MTO1.jpg (37132 bytes)

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Demo3.jpg (44766 bytes)

Bethel Baptist Church, St. Petersburg

Bel2.jpg (63519 bytes)  

Believer's Life, Family Church, Harvey, Louisiana.  (Scale 1/16" = 1ft)

BL1.jpg (61167 bytes)   BL2.jpg (61950 bytes)   BL3.jpg (52743 bytes)