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Please click the thumbnail to view full size.  All models are built to 1:96 scale (1/8" = 1ft) unless otherwise stated


Jackson Memorial Foundation, Holtz Children's Hospital, Miami, FL.   Architect HLM.   1/4" = 1 ft.


4571 Colonial Boulevard, Ft. Myers FL.  for Precise Construction  1/4" = 1 ft.


Proposed NASCAR 'Hall of Fame' for Daytona Beach FL.  Baker Barrios Architects.

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Nascar-043W.jpg (53140 bytes)   Nascar-045W.jpg (56164 bytes)   Nascar-066W.jpg (40388 bytes)

Premiere Radiation Oncology, for Precise Construction


Orlando International Airport FAA control tower, for Hensel Phelps Construction

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5/3 Bank, Grand Panama Beach Resort.

Breland 076.jpg (62993 bytes)  

Estreno Properties, Premiere Oncology Center, Naples, FL. for Precise Construction


Marco Island rehabilitation center

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Ranger Jet Center & FBO Kissimmee Airport

RFBO13.jpg (41247 bytes)