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Boats and other models


Please click the thumbnail to view full size.  All models are built to 1:96 scale (1/8" = 1ft) unless otherwise stated


RNLI 14 metre (47') self righting lifeboat. 

Ptbow.jpg (84308 bytes)   Cover 1.jpg (73457 bytes)   Cover 3.jpg (69747 bytes)   Trent WEB005.jpg (132472 bytes)   Trent WEB 003.jpg (145037 bytes)   Trent WEB 007.jpg (152356 bytes)      

 Scratch built at a scale of 1" = 1ft. (1:12) the model is powered with a 6v 7ah gel cell, she has digital proportional radio control for steering, fwd and rev speeds, water cooling for the twin electric drive motors, working Nav, Masthead, Searchlights, Claxon and motorized surface scan radar. The crewman on the bow has a fire hose connected to a car windshield washer pump that douses unsuspecting lakeside children, and the guy on the aft deck is animated and waves his cap at the damp spectators whilst the boat retreats to deeper water......... Fun for all the family ! 

RNLI crewmen

Image16.jpg (72123 bytes)   Crew 003.jpg (54520 bytes)   Crew 006.jpg (64465 bytes)   Crew 007.jpg (46511 bytes)  

These guys have been 'surgically' altered from cast resin 'Babylon 5' figures found in a dollar store. Each is just under 6" tall. They have been dressed in scratch made oilskins and associated safety wear. 


San Francisco Municipal Railway, Powell & Mason Sts. Cable Car.


This project started as a result of a visit to the Cable Car museum in San Francisco, and our desire to immortalize one of these wonderful carriages. This example is in our personal collection, however, a very limited number will be made available for sale with custom livery and personalized advertising for discerning collectors.


EMD GP15-1 Railroad switcher in CSX livery, scratch built from photos ONLY. scale 1:24 (1/2" = 1 foot)


American railroad rolling stock has always been a source of fascination to us at KDM. they epitomize form following function. In our eyes their rugged appearance has a beauty all of it's own and was a perfect subject to immortalized in a static display model. This is the first such model from KDM, but certainly not the last.  


HMS Devonshire, Royal Navy Guided Missile destroyer. (circa 1960)

SSMcover.jpg (84522 bytes)   D02.jpg (32932 bytes)   D02helo.jpg (57275 bytes)   DEV.jpg (54393 bytes)   

Devonshire was scratch built from plans at a scale of 1/8" = 1ft (1:96) giving her an LOA of 63" with a Beam of 5". She is radio controlled with twin electric motors, the three main radars and helicopter are all independently animated. This model was featured on the cover and inside the January 2000 issue of 'Scale Ship Modeler'

HMS Iveston, 'Ton' class minesweeper for the British Royal Navy.

Ivestonportclose copy.jpg (92544 bytes)   Iveston2 copy.JPG (29044 bytes)   Ivestonunderway.jpg (25640 bytes)   IVESTON.jpg (62412 bytes) 

Modeled at a scale of " = 1ft (1:48) gives her an LOA of 38". She has twin electric drive motors controlled via a two channel Futaba R/C system. 

'The fleet' (Albeit differing scales)

JRsFLEET.jpg (58146 bytes)

GWR 4-6-0 Pendennis Castle 5079


GWR Tank engine  WIP






Ben's & Sam's creations 

During three recent visits from England, between visiting parks, restaurants and our pool, our Nephews, Ben and Sam built the models below.  The parts were drawn in Corel and cut from matt board, 8th ply and acrylic sheet on the laser, then assembled with minimum input from us with white glue. They drew and applied their own designs over a period of a. few days, the results are spectacular I'm sure you'll agree. Both have amazing talents and a future with KDM if they choose....   




Ben & Sam's 'Hogwarts Castle'